Eilmeldung ++++ "Sport-Filmfestival 2020"

 Von Christophe AIT-BRAHAM, dem Vorsitzenden  der AICO, unserer internationalen Vereinigung, erhielten wir heute die folgende Meldung:

"The Professor ASCANI, International President of FICTS (Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs) and also Member of IOC Commission for “Culture and Olympic Heritage” would like sharing with us this information:"


“SPORT MOVIES & TV 2020 – 38th Milano International FICTS Fest”, annual Final of 20 Festivals (in 5 Continents) of the
World FICTS Challenge”, World Championship of Sports Television, Cinema, Communication and Culture scheduled in Milan, as per the calendar, from 7th to 11th November

Regarding that, we put at disposal for free Olympic and sports videos selected by the Jury on the homepage of the Festival website www.sportmoviestv.com with the schedule of all the 140 works in competition and with the “FICTS: digital Emotions”: 17.787 audiovisual sports-themed works available on all the devices (tablet, smartphone, etc).

All the scheduled events (Workshops, Meetings, Ceremonies, Awarding, etc.): will be available in streaming and on demand at link www.mediasportgroup.tv and on the 814 Sky Italia channel.

The complete Programme at www.fictsfederation.it/programme2020.pdf

The Official Catalogue (104 pages) at  www.fictsfederation.it/catalogue2020.pdf

Welcome to discover the Festival.

A lot of olympic collectors are also interested by the olympic and sports movies.


Prenez soin de vous,