110. IOC-Session LAUSANNE 1999

Ausgaben zu IOC- Sessionen:
110. Session  LAUSANNE 11./ 12.12.1999

Wesentliche Ergebnisse der  Session aus Sicht des IOC:

Adoption of 50 reforms proposed by the IOC 2000 Commission focussing on the composition, structure, organisation and role of the IOC as well selecting organisers of the Olympic Games. Among other things:

  1. Lowering the age limit for new IOC members to 70years
  2. Creation of a Nominations Commission for IOC membership.
  3. Limit on the IOC Presidents mandate to eight years, renewable only once for four years.
  4. Introduction of a candidature acceptance phase for the organisation of the Games.
  5. Limit on the number of events and athletes at the Games.

Source: THE IOC SESSION/ FACTS AND FIGURES (en_report_942.pdf)

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