108. IOC-Session LAUSANNE 1999

Ausgaben zu IOC- Sessionen:
108. Session  LAUSANNE 17.- 18.3.1999

Wesentliche Ergebnisse der  Session aus Sicht des IOC:

  • Vote of confidence in IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch.
  • Exclusion of six IOC members for inappropriate conduct related to the candidature of Salt Lake City.
  • Creation of the IOC 2000 Commission responsible for examining the IOC and its structures and recommending necessary changes.
  • Creation of the Ethics Commission whose mandate is to advise and guide the IOC in its running.
  • Reform of the election procedure for the 2006 host city: creation of a selection college responsible for selecting the two finalist cities which will be put to the final vote.
  • Adoption of the Declaration of Lausanne on doping in sport, which provided for the creation of an anti-doping agency.

Source: THE IOC SESSION/ FACTS AND FIGURES (en_report_942.pdf)


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